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The view from the cheap seats
does exactly what it says on the tin
More evil journalists in the world 
3rd-Apr-2009 11:45 pm
nail ass
Scottish Sun steals copyright from cancer patient.

The linked article contains a link to contact details for David Dinsdale, the editor of said "newspaper". These are reproduced below:

David Dinsmore
The Scottish Sun
124 Portman Street
Kinning Park
Glasgow G41 1EJ

E-mail: david.dinsmore@the-sun.co.uk


I've sent Mr Dinsdale a short email, expressing my disgust (signed "Dr JE McGraw" for maximum gravitas). Whilst I'm aware that this won't do much good, hopefully a lot of other people will be doing the same, which may have some kind of attrittion effect.

Feel free to do likewise.
4th-Apr-2009 12:15 am (UTC)
The utter bastards. I don't believe I can coherently form sentences to send to Mister Dinsmore right now. So I believe I will leave it until tomorrow and maybe I will be more sane and reasonable.
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